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open & close                                                      

June 21
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The word  "to open, to turn on, to switch on"
                                             in Thai language we say  "bpèrt" (เปิด)

Thai language

For the word "to close,to turn off,to switch off" we say  "bpìt" (ปิด)

Thai language

Example sentences   

bullet ta-naa-kaan nai hâang bpèrt gèe-moong ká
learnThai_female speaker  
bullet gòrn norn yàa leum bpìt fai ná
normal speed-Thai language
bullet dtorn-née mâi mee bpan-hăa láeo prór rao bpèrt jai kui gan
normal speed-Thai language
                                                                         Show the meaning

Thai Vocabulary                                                                   
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   ta-naa-kaan bank ธนาคาร
   nai in ใน
   hâang department store, shopping mall ห้าง
   gèe-moong What time? กี่โมง
    polite particle for question
[female speaker]
   gòrn before
   norn to sleep, to lie down นอน
   yàa Don't.... อย่า
   leum to forget ลืม
   fai light, electricity ไฟ
    ending particle
(giving an advice)
   dtorn-née now ตอนนี้
   mâi no, not ไม่
   mee have, has, there is, there are มี
   bpan-hăa problem, trouble ปัญหา
   láeo already, now(not before) แล้ว
   prór because เพราะ
   bpèrt-jai to open-mind เปิดใจ
   jai mind, heart ใจ
   kui to chat, to talk คุย
   gan each other, together, one another กัน
The meaning
What time does the bank in the department store open ? [ learnThai_female speakerfemale speaker]
Don't forget to turn off the lights before going to bed.
We don't have any problems anymore because we opened our minds and talk.
I want to learn Thai