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Have we met before ?                                       

November 3                       
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The word  
"to meet,to see" in Thai language we say  
"jer"   (เจอ) [informal]

   Or        "póp" (พบ) [formal]

Learn Thai

Example sentences   

bullet rao keri jer gan maa gòrn réu-bplàao kráp
learn Thai  
bullet kít wâa mâi ná ká
Learn Thai_female speaker  
bullet póp gan aa-tít nâa
normal speed-Thai language
                                                                              Show the meaning

Thai Vocabulary                                                                   
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   keri ever, used to เคย
   gan each other, together, one another กัน
   maa-gòrn before มาก่อน
   réu-bplàao or not?[question particle] รึเปล่า
   kráp polite particle [male speaker]
   kít to think
   wâa... that... ว่า...
   mâi no, not
    ending particle
(let someone know something)
    polite particle [female speaker]
   aa-tít week อาทิตย์
   nâa next
The meaning
Have we met before? (learn Thaimale speaker) 
I don't think so.(Learn Thai_female speakerfemale speaker) 
See you next week.

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