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Thai vocabulary
Thai vocabulary with sounds
practice Thai language tones
Thai language tone  Tones
Thai vocabulary
Thai vocabulary
Thai language-adjectives  Adjectives
Thai language-Thai verbs  Verbs
Thai language-pronouns  Pronouns
Thai language-question  Questions
Thai vocabulary
Thai vocabulary
Thai language-animals  Animals
Thai language-bank  Bank
Thai language-drinks-and-beverages  Drinks & Beverages
Thai language-parts-of-the-body  Parts of the body
Thai language-classifiers  Classifiers
Thai language-cloths  Clothes
Thai language-colors  Colors
Thai language-country  Countries
Thai language-days-and-months  Days & Months
Thai language-directions  Directions
Thai language-feelings-and-emotions  Feelings & Emotions
Thai language-family-and-people  Family & People
Thai language-food  Foods
Thai language-fruits  Fruits
Thai language-habits  Habits
Thai language-hobbies-and-interests  Hobbies & Interests
Thai language-household  Household
Thai language-jobs-and-careers  Jobs & Careers
Thai language-numbers  Numbers
Thai language-office  Office
Thai language-time  Period of time 1
Thai language-time  Period of time 2
Thai language-places  Places
Thai language-on-the-road  On the road
Thai language-rooms  Rooms
Thai language-weathers-and-seasons  Weathers & Seasons
Thai language-shops  Shops
Thai language-sickness  Sickness
Thai language-sports  Sports
Thai language-taste-of-food  Taste of food
Thai language-vehicles  Vehicles   
Thai books
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    I am Bo (Waleerat Wanmanomai) . I am an experienced Thai language teacher.
    Click here if you want to know me more.

    If you are interested in learning Thai one-to-one via skype with me, please contact me and I will     reply you as soon as possible.

    You can also get 30 minutes free for trial before payment.

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         My rate is 500 baht per hour. (one price)
         My available time is 5 a.m.- 8 p.m everyday [Thai time]
   Don't hesitate to let me know what you want  to learn about Thai language and what is your    expectation. I have provided many materials for you. They are also customized to your needs too.
    Speaking & Listening for Beginner Intermediate Advanced

                       learn ThaiIntroduce yourself
                       learn Thai5 Tones in Thai language
                       learn ThaiNumber
                       learn ThaiPronouns
                       learn ThaiPossessive pronouns
                       learn ThaiUseful words
                       learn ThaiWord order in Thai language
                       learn ThaiUseful sentences in daily life
                       learn ThaiUseful sentences in office
                       learn ThaiShopping
                       learn ThaiFood & Drink
                       learn ThaiFeeling 
                       learn ThaiPosition
                       learn ThaiClassifier
                       learn ThaiDate,Day,Month
                       learn ThaiTelling the time
                       learn ThaiQuestion Who,What,When,Where,Why,How..etc. 
                       learn ThaiThai tense
                       learn ThaiTravel
                       learn ThaiFamily
                       learn ThaiWeather
                       learn ThaiHobby,Interest
                       learn ThaiComparison
                       learn ThaiParticles
                       learn ThaiLearn Thai from song or movie
                       learn ThaiEtc...
    Here're some vocabularies in lesson 1. I have 40 lessons with more than 1200 words.
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    Reading & Writing
(Free book) for Beginner Intermediate Advanced

                       learn Thai5 Tone in Thai language
                       learn ThaiThai alphabet
                       learn ThaiThai vowel
                       learn ThaiReading rule
                       learn ThaiUseful words
                       learn ThaiPractice reading
                       learn ThaiReading street signs
                       learn ThaiReading useful sentence
                       learn ThaiReading sentences from website
                       learn ThaiEtc...   
                            learn reading Thai language