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Beautiful & Unlucky                                             
January 27                                               Learn Thai language online for free.  It is easy and fun.

Be careful of tones when you say the word " beautiful "in this sentence
                 " You are very beautiful"

Please make sure that you are not saying " You are very unlucky ."

beautiful    =     sŭai   [rising tone]     (สวย)      

but if you say     suai  [mid tone]    (ซวย) It means UNLUCKY.

So you should say    kun sŭai mâak  คุณสวยมาก)

          instead of     kun suai mâak  (คุณซวยมาก)          

Show the meaning


   kun You คุณ
   sŭai beautiful สวย
   suai unlucky [impolite] ซวย
   mâak very,so มาก
The meaning
You are very beautiful.
You are very unlucky.
I want to learn Thai