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Thai vocabulary
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Thai vocabulary
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Thai-language-update everyday    More new sentences !!  
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai The difference between  gàp (กับ) &  láe (และ)   ( July 1)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Chance,Opportunity   ( July 2)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai She is so cute.   ( July 3)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai The word "taan" is more polite than "gin"  ( July 4)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai My best friend's wedding. ( July 5)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai No way!! ( July 6)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai What happened ? ( July 7)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai It's illegal. ( July 8)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai I am on a diet.   ( July 9)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Son & Daughter   ( July 10)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai I am interested in this job.   ( July 11)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.   ( July 12)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Hungry & Thirsty   ( July 13)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Can I use your computer?   ( July 14)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai It's good for your health.   ( July 15)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai She calls me almost everyday.   ( July 16)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai It looks delicious.   ( July 17)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai I will be there in 5 minutes.   ( July 18)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Forever   ( July 19)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai We haven't seen each other for a long time.   ( July 20)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai See you at the same place.  ( July 21)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai A useful book.  ( July 22)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai He is a popular singer.  ( July 23)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Weekend  ( July 24)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai I want to be good at English so ... ( July 25)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai They've decided to invest in Thailand.  ( July 26)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai I am satisfied with my job.   ( July 27)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Why didn't you eat it?  ( July 28)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai to go back   ( July 29)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai How was it ?   ( July 30)
Learn Thai-Speak-like-a-Thai Thank you for everything.  ( July 31)

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